Rainwater Harvesting Limited is an independently owned company. Established in 2006, we have quickly become one of the UK's leading Rainwater Harvesting Specialists by designing and manufacturing rainwater harvesting equipment, as well as offering competitive prices and quick delivery from our huge stock held at our 60,000 sq ft warehouse in Peterborough, perfectly located within the heart of the UK with great road networks to service the whole of the country as well as the ports for international shipments.

Rain Director® House System

We stock everything that is required for your Rainwater Harvesting project including, rainwater tanks, filters, pumps, rainwater management systems and rainwater underground pipe and labels as required by most water boards plus much more. We specialise in providing complete rainwater harvesting packages for the customer whether it be for a single property or a large multi house development. We deal with many of the National Housebuilders and Housing Associations and can provide advice on the correct size and style of tank required as well as installation, and Sustainability Code credit assessments.

At Rainwater Harvesting Limited we are committed to finding and developing new products and innovations in the market. We manufacture the Rain Director® the only WRAS approved header tank solution which controls the flow of both rainwater and mains water through the house. It is probably the most energy efficient rainwater system on the market.

We also manufacture the Rain Backup® in a Box which is a simple mains back up system that always ensures that your tank has water in it to supply any amenities that are directly feed from the rainwater system.

Our sister company HydroForce™ Pumps Ltd manufactures the HydroForce™ Series 3 Clean water Pump which gives us a huge advantage over our competitors as we have full control of the only moving parts in a rainwater system.

We have a dedicated after sales support team and a highly efficient technical department to support and service any needs during the install period.

Office TEL: +44(0)1733 405 111