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Rainwater Harvesting Ltd. May Newsletter

Our "555" Promise

When 5 or more systems are purchased.
We offer a 5 year warranty.
Plus our 5 stage installation assistance.

For the first time ever, we are offering a 5 year warranty for our systems. Our 5-year cover includes all components, even management systems and pumps.

Our 555 Promise

Corporate customers also benefit from our 5-stage installation assistance. All our technicians are highly qualified and knowledgeable.

  1. Training days offered prior to installation.
  2. On site consultation upon delivery, in depth tuition given to ground workers, plumbers, and electricians prior to installation starting.
  3. Telephone support provided throughout installation.
  4. Mid installation check.
  5. Final commissioning visit and handover. Commissioning certificates provided.

Our 5 stage installation package has become a firm favourite within the building industry for its thorough approach. The process makes sure the system can be fitted to highest possible of standards whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

A New Age In Rainwater Harvesting - Same Principle, Smarter Execution

Rainwater Harvesting has evolved dramatically since 2009. Rainwater Harvesting has become more cost effective, simpler to install, and reliable.

Our flagship Rain Director® system uses push fit pipe work and click fit electrical connections. The system also provides peace of mind for clients and contractors alike by providing water in every eventuality- low rainwater, pump failure or even power cut.

Latest shallow dig tanks have further reduced costs, by reducing digging time, and reducing spoil to be removed. Time is saved, as there is no assembly of the tank, even the internal components come factory fitted.

Deep dig vs shallow dig tanks

The Rain Director System and Components

Rainwater Harvesting and SUDS


Rainwater harvesting can act as a vital part of a home's sustainable drainage plan. During heavy rainfall, water first fills the tank, then overflow water is responsibly released into a soak away or storm attenuation crates. Effective SUDS reduces our reliance on storm drains, helping to prevent flash flooding during high rainfall periods.

By using a rainwater harvesting system, the size of soak away can be greatly reduced.

Free Rainwater Harvesting Media Library

Rainwater Harvesting Ltd. Media Lirary Memory Stick

For more information, we have developed a site dedicated to specifiers and trade users.

Or email us for a free memory sick, preloaded with all our product brochures, promotional videos, and case studies.

Just send "S Memory stick" plus your address to
Available while stocks last.

Products We Manufacture

HydroForce Pump

The HydroForce™ pump is a 240v 800w pressure sensitive clean water pump that has been exhaustively tested to ensure optimum performance in a wide range of environments. A powerful jet pump, this submersible pump will achieve a maximum pressure of 3.5 bar and give a maximum head of 35 metres. Used extensively in the UK for rainwater harvesting systems, and delivers water to the house and garden at the turn of a tap.

Rain Director

Domestic Rainwater Controller: Rainwater Harvesting Ltd manufactures the Rain Director® Domestic Gravity Feed Rainwater Controller. This product delivers rainwater to domestic and commercial appliances. Proven in the domestic UK market and has full WRAS approval, this unique product is simple to operate and install, reduces pump wear and tear, and saves electricity.

Rain Backup in a Box

Mains Water Back Up: Rainwater Harvesting systems in the domestic environment must be supplemented by mains water so that toilets and other applications may continue to function. For this application, we designed the Rain Back up in a Box®. This easy to install automated controller allows a small amount of mains water to flow into the tank when the rainwater level is low.

Training Dates For Rainwater Harvesting Installers 2013

We offer training accredited by the UKRHA (UK Rainwater Harvesting Association). Training covers the latest systems, legislation surrounding rainwater harvesting, how to install systems, plus receive a certificate of completion.

UKRHA Member - Accredited Training
Provider Rainwater Harvesting
Location Peterborough
Tuesday, 21st May
Timings 10:00am to 3:30pm
Fee £25 +VAT per head

The Chartered Institute of Housing - Manchester Central

Running alongside the conference in Manchester Central, the exhibition focuses on the provision of social and affordable housing and the development of sustainable communities. The event is the biggest and best attended event in the UK's housing events calendar and brings together more than 7,600 housing professionals together with over 300 key suppliers all under one roof.

Full exhibition details available here:

The Chartered Institute of Housing - Manchester Central

Stand B28

25th - 27th June

Learn more abut Rainwater harvesting with our informational videos

What is Rainwater Harvesting

The Rain Director

The Facts About Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rainwater Harvesting

The Rain Director - Rainwater Harvesting

The Facts About Rainwater Harvesting

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