F-Line Tank Capacity's

Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Submersible Pump

Overflow Siphon stops odours when connected to a soak away or mains sewer

Calmed Inlet prevents sediment from being stirred up keeping water clean and clear

Rewatec Basket Filter for 100% water yield

25 meters of 25mm HDPE rainwater pipe included as specified by all waterboards

HydroForce™ Series 3 submersible pump

F-Line Tank Garden System

Our Garden system is an easy and cost effective solution offering rainwater for garden irrigation and other outdoor uses including car washing by simply capturing all of the rainwater from your roof area.

System includes:

  • F-Line Flat Tank offers optimum use of the tank volume with the introduction of a pump basin. Due to it’s flat construction an installation depth of up to 60% less than other tank types can be achieved, the F-Line Flat Tank is quick and easy to install as well as offering low installation costs. All F-Line Flat Tanks are weight tested to 10 tonnes (equivalent to 1.44m of earth) and come with a 25 year guarantee.

  • Basket Filter providing 100% water yield, suitable for roof areas up to 300m². Basket Filter includes fixing hook and rope along with a fine filtering mesh with a width of only 0.9mm. Basket Filter is simply installed by being attached to the inflow of the tank.

  • HydroForce™ Series 3 Submersible Pump is a British manufactured twin chamber design with alloy bulkhead, and features a self controlling pressure switch, non return valve and dry run protection. The HydroForce™ Series 3 can produce up to 3.5 bar of pressure and deliver over 2500 litres per hour with a power usage of 800 watts at 220-240v AC and comes supplied with a stainless steel strainer and a 10 metre cable.


  • Shallow dig tank for easy and cost effective installation.
  • Harvested rainwater is exempt from hosepipe bans, providing drought protection for your plants.
  • HydroForce™ pump delivers 3.5 bar- enough to run high pressure sprinklers and pressure washers.
  • Easy to access basket filter.
  • Everything included to run a full system.

Size* Length Width Height
(tank body)
(inc. entrance shaft)
Weight Inflow** Overflow
1,500 ltr 2400mm 1200mm 650mm 1015mm 80kg 330mm 385mm
3,000 ltr 2400mm 2400mm 650mm 1015mm 170kg 330mm 385mm
5,000 ltr 2960mm 2220mm 955mm 1350mm 250kg 335mm 385mm
7,500 ltr 3340mm 2310mm 1125mm 1415mm 310kg 325mm 375mm

* The useable volume can deviate according to connection variation approx. 10% from the nominal volume
** Top edge shaft extension including lid to invert level

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